Decentral Card Network

What is the Decentral Card Network?

The Decentral Card Network (DCN) combines two of your most beloved things:
1) having an opinion and...
2) playing card games.

We plan on giving you a way to express both of these by giving the player, that is you, the opportunity to actively create the game by envisioning new cards, judging other people's cards and test them in real games. Also the authors own the rights of their creations, the player own the cards and the whole network is decentralized, which is the reason why everything will be built on a blockchain.

We greatly appreciate any suggestions, help or feedback in general!
So, feel more than free to join our Telegram group or join development on Github.
Whitepaper Github Telegram

What is the progress?

Currently we have made up our minds how to tackle this project and started working on it. To find out how we want to do it, please read the whitepaper.

Ok, so this is just another blockchain based trading card game, right?

Yes... and no. This is not just some trading card game Hearthstone copy cat which just saves the card owners in a blockchain. The whole process of creating and minting cards is done in a blockchain. If we decide to become unreliable a**holes and run away with our millon (lines of code), then this does not bother the community, since you can just go on running this endeauvor. Furthermore we are not a Hearthstone rip off. We like Hearthstone for its simplicity, but we also dislike it for its, well, simplicity. We want a game with a similar complexity as Magic the Gathering while having a fast paced gameplay like Hearthstone. We think both is possible and try to prove it with this game. But this is only possible if you join us. It doesn't matter if you are an artist, a player, a game designer, a story writer or just a troll. Everyone can participate in this project, since the game designer and artists create the cards and profit from the sale of the cards. The players earn credits and trade with the instances of the cards and of course the trolls rant about imbalance in the game, which allows the community to balance the cards.